TGP Sigma

The Word “SIGMA” was Officially Omitted:       

 On July 6, 2011, Bro. Mariel “Yeng” Garganera, Chairman of the Tyro Gyn Phi Board of Directors, the highest governing body of the organization convened a meeting with the Tyro Gyn Phi Alumni Officers led by its Chairman Bro. Almario “Al” Cabato and Father Bingbong Bernardo at Chow Time Restaurant, Divisoria, Zamboanga City at around 9:00 o’clock in the morning to discuss issues and concerns of the organization. Among present during the meeting were members of the Board of the Alumni Association Bro. Russell Muyuela, Bro. Radzki Tawasil, Bro. Eddie Jalil, Bro. Roel Ramos, Bro. Emmanuel Porlares, Bro. Zendamar Abubakar, Bro. Francis Magante, Bro. Edgar Santos and Bro. Edgar Tamparong. Agenda of the meeting was to omit the word SIGMA in the name of the organization as previously stand as TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA. Round-table discussion conducted and with the majority decision, finally agreed the omission of the word SIGMA in the official name of the organization which now officially stands as “TYRO GYN PHI” Fraternity and Sorority.


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