The Evolution of TGP Password

The fraternity experienced crisis after the 5th anniversary in terms of identities with other older fraternities in Zamboanga City which later on convinced the leadership of the organization to change the platform of the fraternity in an organized way to meet the highest standard of organization. Rivalry with other established fraternities and societies remained a threat to the growing membership and popularity of the organization. Bro. Rommel Muyuela, also an alumni member coordinated with the founder Bro. Polly “Gaga” Carpio regarding the proposal to revise the password, slogan and motto being used by the organization to a more interactive and explicit approach, for reason that the fraternity password was exploited by the other rival fraternities. The new password was approved and immediately distributed to the members of the ZCNHS and ZSAT and it was disseminated to other chapters to conform with the intention of the late Founder Bro. Polly “Gaga” Carpio and Bro. Mariel “Yeng” Garganera, the then Grand Council “To make difference out of other organization”



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