250,000.00 Pesos Initial Investment of Tyronians Family Insurance Program – by Dipolog City Chapter

Every Organization wish to have a program that would meet their objectives.  This also point on many Fraternity and Sorority all over the world nowadays who also wanted to serve their purpose as an organization and build their own legacy.

The Tyro Gyn Phi Dipolog City chapter desired to have a program that would cover up all inactive members here in Dipolog City they also wanted to help the TGP members and their family in case of financial/medical assistance merely on unexpected accidents, dismemberment or even death. This instances gives them courage to build a program that would meet their aspiration, so the TYRONIANS FAMILY INSURANCE was created with initial capital investment worth of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (250,000.00).

This program was originated by the Tyro Gyn Phi Dipolog City Chapter and it was fully implemented by the council with full support of the TGP active members here in Dipolog City through the coordination of our overall President Brother Jhalil. To make this formal and legal, the Tyro Gyn Phi Dipolog City chapter produced a bylaws signed and notarize by the law.


Database Management System for Data Centralization MySQL Database Server
Members Management System
Insurance Management System
Accounting System
IT Equipments
System Development
Tyronians Official Website Domain name www.tyronians.org
Web Hosting
Email Server
Web Development
Petty Cash Fund Beggining cash of TFI Operations
Office Rental
Salaries and Wages
TOTAL 250,000.00



TFI CHECKING ACCOUNT Beggining 5,500.00 Bank Account Opening
NOTARIAL Notarial Fee 2,000 TFI Notarial fee
OFFICE SNACKS Representation expense 110.15 TFI Board meeting dated Feb. 4, 2018
ELSA EATERY LUNCH MEETING Representation expense 664.00 Official visit over all Press. brod jalil lunch meeting
2 TEMP RECEIPT Office Supplies 25.00
2 PETTY CASH VOUCHER FORM Office Supplies 13.00
FLEX TARPAULIN Office Supplies 835.00
OFFICE SNACKS Representation expense 502.50 TFI Board Meeting dated Feb. 18. 2018
DOCUMENTARY TRAY Office Supplies 395.00
MAX STAPLE WIRE Office Supplies 31.25
CLUB CARBON SHORT Office Supplies 560.00
20 PCS TEMP RECEIPT Office Supplies 250.00
OFFICE SNACKS Representation expense 320.50 TFI Board Meeting dated feb. 25, 2018
TFI SEMINAR TRAVEL EXPENSE Travel Expenses 1,000.00 Brod Torralba conduct TFI Seminar at Pagadian City Chapter


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