Participation of Tyro Gyn Phi on the 81st ARAW NG DABAW

The Tyro Gyn Phi Davao Chapter participates on the celebration of the 81st ARAW NG DABAW.“LONG LIVE TYRONIANS!” qouted by the Tyro Gyn Phi Davao Chapter.

Photo Credit to; Facebook acc;  Seya Vernice Ybañez

2 thought on “Participation of Tyro Gyn Phi on the 81st ARAW NG DABAW”

  1. Lhing

    Hello Tyro Gyn Phi,

    I am reaching to inquire about your Kalamansig Sultan Chapter. There are few important questions, I want to ask. Please get back to me through the email add I provided. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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