Setting Historic Ground

In year 90’s, clashes and confrontations with other fraternities inevitably evaded, our Christian and Muslim brother’s joined-force fighting for the TYRONIANS cause. Through these struggles several other community chapter were raised to back-up the fraternity in the daily battle ground at downtown Zamboanga City.

Historic ground set at the Plaza Mall, Galleria Mall and Rizal Park; the brave TYRONIANS in combined force from the school chapters and the community chapters took control and patrolled downtown Zamboanga City for any fraternity rivals. As the force of the TIGERS got solid daily, other rival fraternities combined themselves forming bigger number trying to beat-up the TYRONIANS. But with the TIGER’s heart, no one hesitated to block and stop the roaring of the TIGERS in the center of the city, fearlessly facing every odds of the enemy. Brod. Almario “Al” Cabato courageously led his chapter and defied the odds for the TYRO GYN PHI to exist. The Cabato Chapter was one of the backbone confronting every obstructions along with other courageous brothers who did significant contribution and their endeavor remain a history. Our early fighters chose to seal their identity “the Tigers behind the scene”, a true and valiant Tigers. Their services, sacrifices and patriotism marked the existence of the organization that be speak of their valiant deeds.Heartbreaking to recount and reminisce, the brothers that fearlessly fought the battles and gave their lives for the sake of our brotherhood, we salute our fallen brothers.

Amidst the growing clamor for legal recognition aspolice authorities had been arresting members for illegal assembly. Clamor in the entire organization has risen for its recognition as a true and registered fraternity with the Government.