The Birth of the TGP Logo

On January 16, 1997, the first designed logo of the TYRO GYN PHI was unveiled at Remedios Street, Malate, Manila at the boarding house of Bro. Dennis Dilao who was then enrolled at Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP, Manila) and the brain in planning to establish a chapter in Manila area. The Tri-Arrow logo of the TYRO GYN PHI was the first official seal of the fraternity designed by Bro. Rommel Muyuela. Bro. Russel Muyuela also took part in the planning design of the said logo and through his effort brought the logo to Zamboanga City and was referred to the Mother chapters Officers, and eventually approved for publication and distribution to other chapters.

In February 2010, during the incumbency of Bro. Jayson Ramos as the Over-all Council President conducted the logo design competition at Zone 3, Barangay Camino Nuevo, Zamboanga City that were participated by several entries. The logo design with appropriate representation of the fraternity won the contest, and this signified the birth of the Tyro Gyn Phi official logo.



  • Tri-arrow – represents the triangular integrity of the fraternity (The Three (3) Laws: Country, International and Universal Laws), the guiding mechanics promoting the organization to its highest standard.
  • Gyrating Golden Yellow Circle– symbolizes unity and solidarity towards one common goal.
  • Year 1987 – represents the foundation year of the fraternity.
  • TYRO GYN PHI – represents the official name of the fraternity.
  • NON EST NOBIS SOLUM (Latin) “NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE BUT, FOR THE SPIRIT OF OUR SISTERHOOD AND BROTHERHOOD” one  of the principles in guiding the fraternity’s way of life.