The Early Anniversaries and Countersigns

The first anniversary of the TYRO GYN PHI was on October 5, 1988. The first initiation ritual held at the residence of Father ERNIDEL “Bingbong” BERNARDO at Atis Drive, Barangay Baliwasan Chico, Zamboanga City and acceptance was conferred to Bro. Kano Dela Torre and Bro. Sherwin Ballajo.They were also among the other senior members recipients of the tattoo mole mark on the forearm as body-mark countersign. The tattoo-mole mark was later changed to a cigarette burn-mark on the same arm due to the demand of the student members where tattoo marks are prohibited in schools. As the number of members increases, community and school chapters were massively launched building a solid TYRONIANS ground. In the expanding of membership from all male recruits, the headship of the fraternity decided to recruit females as sorority members. Sister Nerissa Denusta and Emilia Sanchez were the first sorority members and through them the sorority continuously paving its way as female neophytes embraces the sisterhood of the organization.

In 1989, the anniversary celebration was officially moved to October 07, a big celebration as the fraternity continuously increasing its member.The organization further took a leaf in mid 1991 where the creation of the “GRAND COUNCIL” was realized to oversee the administrative and operational functions of the organization.

On October 7, 1992 during the anniversary celebration at the Zamboanga City Golf and Country Club, Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City, Bro. Roel Ramos, a senior alumni member recommends the adoption of the burning of coin as the new body-mark countersign of the members. Bro. Almario “Al” Cabato also one of the recognized valiant tiger’s of Zamboanga City Mother Chapter with Father Bingbong Bernardo of the seven founding fathers, Bro. Shoji Sereñas also one of the gallant and senior member, the late Bro. Jerry Moleño and other members present initiated and accepted the implementation of the ritual (coin burn) at the upper left shoulder as the new body-mark which later adopted by the other members and became the sacred tradition of the organization.

The recognition of the coin-burn countersign was first adopted in Quezon Boulevard, Lamitan, Basilan Province where Bro. Danilo “Don-don” Manuel also a senior alumni member and with dedicative loyalty to the organization was the first to receive the coin-burn ritual on his upper left arm.