The basic funds of the fraternity shall come from the membership fee. Fund-raising activities shall be launched. Contributions in cash and in kind shall be accepted, provided that there are no conditions contrary to the principles of the fraternity and to existing laws.

Membership Fee – The basic fund of the fraternity shall come from the membership fee of newly survived member/sin the amount Two Hundred (PHP 200.00) pesos which include the Identification Card.

The membership fee shall be collected by the School/ Community Chapters and same be forwarded directly to the OVER-ALL COUNCIL (Zamboanga Mother Chapter) together with the APPLICANT INFORMATION SHEET duly signed/endorsed by the School or Community Chapter GRAND TYRO (G.T) and MASTER INITIATOR (M.I) for entry in the database of the fraternity. (Membership Form of newly survived member/s shall be replicated in six (6) copies and furnished one (1) copy each to the following councils for filing, data-basing and monitoring of membership status:

  1. City/Municipal Council
  2. Provincial Council
  3. Regional Council
  4. Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao/Overseas Council
  5. Over-all Council
  6. Chapter File

Honorary Membership Fee – Membership fee for honorary members shall be paid by the recommending council upon approval from the Board of Directors.

Financial Good Standing – Any financial obligations in arrears for more than 60 days will cause a member not to be in good standing and subject for restriction of privileges.

Saving/Checking Account – The Councils shall maintain a saving/checking account in the name of the fraternity or the chapter. Accounts must be signed by two or three Officers.

Insurance – Every member are encouraged to apply medical and health insurance/s from any government/ private company.