Membership – The TYRO GYN PHI FRATERNITY AND SORRORITY is open to all Filipino of legal age (18 years old and above) as well as to any foreign citizen willing to accept the principles, constitution and by-laws of the fraternity.


Membership Classifications – The membership shall consist of three classes: the Alumni, the Regular and the Honorary membership. The classification of membership has no distinctions as pertains to the equal rights towards the organization. However, honorary members are not qualified to hold office in the Board of Directors, Over-all Council and the Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Overseas Councils. Today, the fraternity embraces new ideal approach of accepting Brotherhood and Sisterhood in a way of SERVICE Orientation – where Loyalty, Integrity and Honor are of valued concern. The TYRO GYN PHI FRATERNITY AND SORORITY is committed to a platform of change and social transformation through new principles in the formation of a SERVICE ORIENTED ORGANIZATION.


Qualifications – Only those of legal age (18 years old and above), of good moral character and willing to pledge to abide with the laws of the fraternity shall be eligible to undergo the orientation services.


Membership in other Fraternity/Sorority or Any Brotherhood Organization – No member of this Fraternity may become a member of any other fraternity/sorority or other brotherhood organization, and should a member become so, his/her immediate GRAND TYRO/ Chapter Officers shall conduct investigation and submit report with proper recommendations to the HIGHEST COUNCIL THEY BELONG (LUZON COUNCIL, VISAYAS COUNCIL, MINDANAO COUNCIL or OVERSEAS COUNCIL). These councils have the authority to impose verdict of the case base on the ground for expulsion, reprimand, disciplinary action or as the case maybe. After the verdict of the case, the COUNCIL concern has to transmit copy of the case to the OVERALL COUNCIL for reference or deletion of name of concern personnel in the INFORMATION DATABASE IF the case is for EXPULSION. The result of the investigation shall be forwarded with fastest means of communication to the concerned council


Definition of Regular Members – Regular members are any individual who survive the orientation services, and whose name are registered in the TGP INFORMATION DATABASE managed by the OVER-ALL COUNCIL.


Definition of Alumni Members – The qualification for Alumni membership will be ten (10) years of active membership regardless of educational attainment and are in good standing. The Community Chapter or School Chapter GRAND TYRO shall recommend to their immediate superior council the name of regular member/s qualified for alumni status, until it reaches the Over-all Council. The Over-all Council shall then recommend it to the ALUMNI COUNCIL. The Alumni Council is the approving authority for Alumni Membership. Upon approval, a certificate will be issued qualifying the applicant/s for ALUMNI status and the certificate will be forwarded to the requesting council/party duly signed by the Alumni Secretary and the Alumni President.(See attached Request Form for Alumni membership)


Definition of Honorary MembersHonorary members shall be those who has significant contributions or whose professional or personal achievements warrant in bestowing upon them an honorary membership. A written request/recommendation from the concerned council recommending such honorary member shall be forwarded to the Over-all Council. The Over-all Council then shall endorse the request to the Board of Directors for approval. Upon approval of the board, a certificate of honorary membership from the Over-all Council duly signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors or Representative from the Board of Directors and the Over Council President shall be forwarded to the requesting council. The burn ritual on the left arm is optional for honorary members. (See Attached Form recommending for Honorary Membership)


Resignation – Although membership in the TYRO GYN PHI FRATERNITY AND SORORITY is for lifetime, member may submit an application to the Over-all Council for voluntary withdrawal. Such application does not automatically mean termination of membership. The Over-all Council shall endorse the resignation letter to the Board of Directors for review and approval.