Rights and Duties of Members

The rights and privileges of the members are the following:

  • To avail the privileges accorded to all members;
  • The right of suffrage; to nominate and elect officers of the fraternity;
  • To be nominated, elected or appointed as official of the fraternity:
  • To be present or represented in all meetings, to participate in all discussions, and directly to vote on all matters submitted to the meeting for discussion when voting is proper.

The duties and responsibilities of the members are the following:

  • To abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the TYRO GYN PHI fraternity and sorority;
  • To respect the code of Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  FREE LOVE and inter-marriage of fellow Tyronians is STRICTLY PROHIBITED as approved during the 1st National Convention held in Zamboanga City from 25-26 June 2016 and in effect effective same date.
  • To carry-out the principles and objectives of the fraternity;
  • To perform tasks and services for the good interest of the organization;
  • To pay dues and assessments;
  • To report any information that may affect the interest of the organization.